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Do You Require Planning Permission For Roller Shutters or Security Grilles?

Whilst every authority acknowledges the increased security benefit of roller shutters, individual councils and local authorities have varying guidelines pertaining to the installation of roller shutters. There are a number of factors that can influence the local authority’s final approval. The most likely considerations that your local planning authority will take into effect are:

The quality of the shutters. You should be sure to include manufacturing specifications for the shutters of your choice. If the council is assured of the quality, they are more likely to approve your project.  

The aesthetic appeal of the shutters you select for your property. If the selection compromises the value of the properties surroundings yours, the council may ask you to consider alternative choices that are deemed to have more aesthetic appeal.

Stress the security aspect of installing your shutters. This has undeniable appeal to your council and roller shutters are accepted to be an excellent crime deterrent.

Emphasis that shutters explicitly discourage the creation of distasteful and unplanned graffiti. In most cases, where there is any resistance, security grilles are much more likely to be accepted than are flat of closed shutters.

It is worth noting that many roller grilles and shutters can be installed internally. By installing internally, commercial and residential property owners can completely eliminate the need to submit the project before a council for review. You have the right to install shutters without review or permission if you choose shutters that can be installed internally.

Of course, if the property is historical or a listed landmark, any exterior and many interior changes have to be reviewed with the appropriate authorities.

In all cases, it is the best policy to discuss your plans with the local council before proceeding

2 February, 2015 | admin

Budget Steel Door Sets available

*Product Update

We now have a range of standardised Budget Steel Door Sets available. All in stock for quick turnarounds and available in 2 sizes – ‘900mmx2100mm’ & ‘1000mmx2100mm’. If your door requirements do not meet these standardised door sets, please contact us to discuss our range of bespoke made to measure steel door sets. 

26 January, 2015 | admin

BIS Doors Talk Repairs, Service, & Maintenance

When roller shutters are working correctly, we very soon start taking them for granted. But as soon as they develop a fault that impairs or even prevents them from working efficiently, it can be extremely annoying. It can also cause huge inconvenience, not to mention being dangerous to use.

The roller shutters that we manufacture are made from the best materials, processed through finely controlled QC processes, and are installed by well-trained installation engineers. But even so, things can still go wrong, particularly if the owners have not taken out a regular service and maintenance contract. Any mechanical, moving object will suffer from wear and tear over a period of time, and if not properly, regularly serviced, that wear and tear will impact on performance.

Generally speaking, as roller shutters don’t usually belong to the people who operate them, any small defects in operation, or small seemingly insignificant damages that occur over time, are often overlooked and trivialised. But of course things will then only get slowly worse. Eventually these faults can cause a major failure.

One of the most common call outs we have, are when high backed vehicles drive into a roller shutter that hasn’t been fully opened. In the worst case scenarios, the steel runners can get distorted resulting in a virtual complete strip down and re-install.

Roller shutters are an important part of the plant and equipment of any factory. When they don’t work as they are meant to, they slow down or can even halt the production process.

If a roller shutters gets jammed open, then it compromises the security of both the building and its contents. There is also the possibility that it compromises the health and safety of staff working in the immediate area. In cases such as these, speed is of the essence, and having an emergency repair done in the shortest possible time is essential.

But one thing is well worth remembering, especially when you’re talking about routine repair work; and that is that prevention is better than cure. We offer a range of regular service options for industrial doors. Routine service and maintenance will not only help to prevent your industrial doors from malfunctioning, but will increase the effective service life of them too. And last but by no means least – planned maintenance is far less costly than urgent call out repairs outside of normal working hours. 

15 September, 2014 | admin

UK rollershutters website

check out out roller shutters website to find  more information on products we can assist you with click here

28 July, 2014 | admin

Specification News

BIS Doors are proud to announce that they have been specified by Whitefriars Housing, to manufacture and supply fully louvered door sets to 3 blocks of flats in the Coventry area. 

11 July, 2014 | admin


We have now got ourselves a facebook page. From here you can following what new innovations are out there, new contract we win and all other news on rollershutter, steel doors and other doors products around the UK. So get liking.... 

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Special Offer

1 No     Single Steel Door Set, complete with:-

-Single Rebate Frame

-Stainless steel hinges

-Dog bolts

-DDA compliant threshold

-Honeycomb infill

-Weather seal


-Lever handles

-2 Extra deadlocks

-Suited cylinders

-Polyester powder coat finish RAL1001

-To suit an aperture 815mm W x 2110mm H


Price:                £ 470.00+VAT

23 June, 2014 | admin

Special Offer

Single Steel Door Set, complete with:-
-Single Rebate Frame
-Stainless steel hinges
-Dog bolts
-DDA compliant threshold
-Honeycomb infill
-Limit Stay
-Weather seal
-Lever handle internal only
-2 Extra deadlocks lockable internally only
-Suited cylinders
-Polyester powder coat finish RAL9016 Traffic White
-To suit an aperture 830mm W x 2020mm H
Price:                £ 425.00+VAT

3 June, 2014 | admin

We are on Facebook

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Welcome to our new blogger

Here you will see latest news, innovations and projects from BIS Doors.

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